By Joni Di Placido

Hello bibliophiles! We’ve put together a challenge for anyone looking to embark on a reading adventure and explore new genres and authors in 2019! There are some great recommendations from last year’s list and we’re excited to share our challenge prompts for the year ahead.

The goal is to read one book for every numbered prompt, and to complete as many prompts as possible over the year. Audiobooks count, and we always want your audio recommendations!

If you want to play, follow us on Twitter or Instagram and tag us, using the hashtag #KWLreads! You can also join in the conversation to discuss what you’re reading in our Goodreads group.

If you prefer to take things offline, download our printable PDF so that you can check off books as you read them.

Happy reading!

  1. A book from the Canada Reads longlist
  2. A book recommended by your local librarian
  3. A book about mental health
  4. A book that has been challenged/banned
  5. One of Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club picks
  6. A popular Young Adult read
  7. The last book in a series
  8. A book that has been translated
  9. A book with a robot as a character
  10. A book that grew from a podcast OR was recommended on a podcast
  11. A book by a Nobel-Prize-winning author
  12. Re-read a book you loved as a child
  13. A book that you bought at an independent bookstore
  14. A detective story
  15. A book by an author who practices a different religion to yours (if you are not religious, any religious author)
  16. A book published in the year you were born
  17. A book you have been wanting/meaning to read for years
  18. A book one of your favourite musicians/artists recommends
  19. A book written by an author twice your age (or half your age)
  20. A book about your business or craft
  21. A post-colonial novel
  22. A book with multiple narrators/told from multiple perspectives
  23. A work of fiction written by someone well-known, but not for writing
  24. A book published in 2019
  25. A book by a living author who was born in Sub-Saharan Africa
  26. A book that will be made into a 2019 movie or television series
  27. A book by an Aboriginal author
  28. A book with a one-word title
  29. A book written by a refugee
  30. A book cherished by a relative
  31. #OwnVoice: A book where the author and character share a similar identity (eg. Black woman writing a story about a Black woman)
  32. A steampunk novel
  33. A Pulitzer prize-winning novel
  34. A classic novel (pre. 1900)
  35. A book of short stories or essays
  36. A book with a food in the title
  37. A book of poetry
  38. A book of magical realism
  39. A book of folk stories/mythology, or a retelling of a myth or folk story
  40. A fictional retelling of a historical event
  41. A book that takes place in a Caribbean country
  42. A book by an Italian author
  43. A book set in a European country in the first half of the 20th century
  44. A high-fantasy book not set in a pseudo-European world
  45. A book about sexuality or gender identity
  46. A middle-grade book (aimed at readers under 12)
  47. An epistolary book
  48. A cookbook (try a new recipe!)
  49. Something from Bill Gates’ reading list
  50. A book published by small press
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