Happy New Year from your KWL Team! We are all very excited about the year ahead and looking forward to working with you on your wonderful books!

To kick off the New Year, we here at KWL have decided to push ourselves to expand our reading horizons and set ourselves a challenge for the year ahead! If you would like to participate, join our Goodreads group, or tag us on social media and use the hashtag #KWLReads. Let us know in the comments if you have any recommendations for books, and happy reading!

The KWL Reading Challenge

  1. An audiobook read by the author
  2. A book set in a country that fascinates you
  3. A book that has been translated
  4. A book that looks frightening/a horror story
  5. A cast recording audiobook
  6. A book with an unreliable narrator
  7. An audiobook narrated by a celebrity
  8. A book set in your hometown
  9. A book written by somebody born in the 1800s
  10. A book written by a man writing as a woman
  11. A book set in a European city
  12. A book written by a woman writing as a man
  13. A book published in the year you were born
  14. Something from Barack Obama’s reading list
  15. A New York Times bestseller
  16. A book written for young adults
  17. A book from a genre you don’t usually read
  18. A book recommended by a friend or family member
  19. A book you loved as a child
  20. A novel that incorporates recipes or food
  21. A book made into a movie/television show that you enjoyed
  22. A book you were made to read in high school
  23. A book by an indie author
  24. A book that has been/is banned somewhere
  25. A book with a cover you love
  26. A Booker Prize winner
  27. A book that inspired a successful television show
  28. A book you have always meant to read but never have
  29. A biography of someone you admire
  30. A book set in the 1920s
  31. A cozy mystery
  32. The first book in a series
  33. A book marketed at the opposite gender
  34. A book set in Edinburgh
  35. A biography of someone you dislike
  36. A book featuring magic
  37. A play
  38. A book you would like to pass on to a child/young person
  39. A lesser-known book by a well-known author
  40. A dystopia
  41. A book featuring a religion you’d like to know more about
  42. Something from Richard and Judy’s book club
  43. A travelogue
  44. A book by a woman of colour
  45. A book that began as a blog
  46. A book with a famous first line
  47. A book by an Australian author
  48. A book on a subject you’ve always wanted to learn more about
  49. A book about enduring friendships
  50. A book based on a historical event
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