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Writing Tips, Marketing Advice and Book News: What’s Happening This Week?

By Joni Di Placido

It’s a new year and we’re bringing this feature back: a place to share the most interesting book news and author tips from around the web!

“[Writing is] a project of balancing the audacity to do this work, and the humility to keep trying until you’ve gotten it right”

Barbara Kingsolver‘s top 5 writing tips, and why she believes age is one of an author’s greatest assets:

5 Writing Tips: Barbara Kingsolver

Writers work successfully in so many different ways, I never assume that what works for me is best for someone else. But if a common denominator exists among us, it might be attitude: the enterprise of writing a book has to feel like walking into a cathedral. It demands humility.

Former PR executive Rita Dragonette describes the book marketing strategies she employed when she launched her first novel:

Starting Over, But Not From Scratch: Book Marketing Insights From a Third-Career Debut Novelist | WritersDigest.com

Former public relations executive and career consultant Rita Dragonette outlines the book marketing strategies she employed with her debut novel, from developing her online presence to organizing book events and creative publicity campaigns. When I used to counsel clients in career transitions, I’d tell them, “You’re starting over, but not from scratch.”

If you’re in or near Minnesota, the first ever Wordplay Festival is launching this May and looks to be an amazing celebration of books, writers and writing. Check out their website for their speaker lineup below:

About Wordplay | The Loft Literary Center

“There are so many things that bond us in our pride for our city and state-including our love of words. Minnesota is consistently ranked as one of the most literate states, and Minneapolis is home to dozens of publishers, multiple thriving booksellers, and the preeminent literary center in the country in the Loft.

“Before you can say you’re a writer and mean it, first you must believe you’re a writer.”

When did you start to call yourself a writer? I love this piece from Bethany Marcel on struggling with imposter syndrome and taking ownership of her identity as an author:

How to Say “I’m a Writer” and Mean It

I’m a writer. For years, I couldn’t say it. I wondered when I would. How many publications would it take? What finish line would I cross? And then it happened: at a wine tasting, a place I already didn’t belong, when a petite, dark-haired woman serving wine, asked me what I did.

This is a short but interesting interview with author Sam Lipsyte on dealing with writer’s block and maintaining creative energy:

Sam Lipsyte on the Key to Writing: “It All Has to Be the Good Part.”

Sam Lipsyte’s newest novel Hark is out now from Simon and Schuster. * Who do you most wish would read your book? My mother died before I ever published any books, so she would be my first choice. She was the one who encouraged me the most, and helped me learn to believe in myself during times when I was really flailing.

We’re off on a reading adventure this year – join in if you’re up for the challenge and write to us here, or on social media to share your book recommendations!

The 2019 KWL Reading Challenge

Happy writing, and have a wonderful weekend!

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