By Joni Di Placido

It’s a new year and we’re bringing this feature back: a place to share the most interesting book news and author tips from around the web!

“[Writing is] a project of balancing the audacity to do this work, and the humility to keep trying until you’ve gotten it right”

Barbara Kingsolver‘s top 5 writing tips, and why she believes age is one of an author’s greatest assets:

Former PR executive Rita Dragonette describes the book marketing strategies she employed when she launched her first novel:

If you’re in or near Minnesota, the first ever Wordplay Festival is launching this May and looks to be an amazing celebration of books, writers and writing. Check out their website for their speaker lineup below:

About Wordplay

All Loft Programming Through September 1 is Virtual Wordplay 2021 will be virtual and will take place May 2-8 2021. Wordplay 2021 is all virtual due to public health concerns. What does that mean? We will host a series of livestreams throughout the week.

“Before you can say you’re a writer and mean it, first you must believe you’re a writer.”

When did you start to call yourself a writer? I love this piece from Bethany Marcel on struggling with imposter syndrome and taking ownership of her identity as an author:

This is a short but interesting interview with author Sam Lipsyte on dealing with writer’s block and maintaining creative energy:

We’re off on a reading adventure this year – join in if you’re up for the challenge and write to us here, or on social media to share your book recommendations!

The 2019 KWL Reading Challenge

Happy writing, and have a wonderful weekend!

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