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Book Signings: So Much More Than Selling Books

By Chris Mandeville The author book signing: you sit behind piles of your gorgeous books, surrounded by adoring readers who buy your books and have you autograph them. Awesome right? But unfortunately not always realistic. Unless you are very famous, book signings can be dull affairs where the author sits alone twiddling her thumbs, smiling nervously and hoping someone will

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Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 092 – Charles de Lint

In Episode 92, Mark Lefebvre interviews Charles de Lint, who is the author of more than seventy books. Renowned as one of the trailblazers of the modern fantasy genre, Charles is the recipient of the World Fantasy, Aurora, Sunburst, and White Pine awards, among others. De Lint is a poet, folklorist, artist, songwriter and performer. He has written critical essays,

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Maim Your Characters: The Structure of an Injury Plot

[The following is an excerpt from the book Maim Your Characters by Samantha Keel] which originally appeared on ScriptMedic: A Medical Consultant for Writers]   An injury plot works on one very simple three-part platform: A character gets hurt. (The Beginning) That character gets treatment and begins to feel better, but must navigate the world in a state of partial

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