Launched in 2012, BookBub has become the essential marketing platform for authors and publishers to promote their eBooks to millions of power readers around the world. We jumped at the chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at BookBub, how they select eBooks for their daily emails, and what you can do as an author to make the most of this incredible marketing tool. You don’t want to miss a minute of this conversation! Christine Munroe interviewed BookBub’s Carlyn Robertson about:


  • -BB logo newThe #1 question authors want to know: What BookBub editors are looking for when they choose titles for featured deals emails. Of the 200-300 submissions received per category, per day, editors are looking for books that their readers are most likely to buy. At a basic level, you must adhere to BookBub’s minimum requirements. Above that, BookBub looks at: author platform, reader reviews, excellent covers, and appeal compared to other books on submission that day.
  • 5 main ways authors can connect with readers: 1) Claim an author profile on BookBub – totally free. 2) BookBub ads, included at the bottom of daily emails, a new feature served by a live auction to secure placement (more below!). 3) New Release alerts, sent to your followers every time you release a new eBook. 4) Pre-order alerts, triggered once you have 1,000+ followers and sent when you have a new eBook available for pre-order. 5) Their most renowned opportunity, featured deals email placement.
  • Do: include as many regions and retailers as possible. BookBub wants as many of their, readers in as many geos as possible, to receive a a deal offer in every category. When you exclude a country or retailer, that means some of BookBub’s customers wouldn’t be seeing an offer that day.
  • Keep submitting, even if you keep getting rejected. You’re compared to a different set of titles every single time you submit for consideration.
  • The pricing model for ads, designed so you’ll make your money back (and then some).
  • And more!

We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed making it. Do you use BookBub? Have you had success with their new ads? Share your insights in the comments!

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Carlyn Robertson is an Account Coordinator at BookBub. She works with BookBub’s self-published author partners to provide guidance on using BookBub’s promotional tools and advice on data-driven marketing strategies. Prior to joining BookBub, Carlyn worked in digital advertising and branding and interned for a literary agency.


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