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An Amazing Time To Be A Creator

“Right now writers have more opportunities than ever in the history of publishing!” This is a line that Kobo Writing Life Director Mark Lefebvre often enjoys sharing with writers when speaking with them. Digital writing and publishing options have opened up an entire new world for writers. They can by-pass the traditional gatekeepers that prevent readers from being able to

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ATTENTION MARKETING: Bookish Swag – Glynnis Campbell

Glynnis Campbell is one of those writers who not only really knows her audience and writes books that her readers love, but she also really knows her way around unique promotional swag. The most savvy Indie Authors are treating their writing and publishing like a business. And, one of the things that businesses do is create unique, enticing and interesting

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ATTENTION MARKETING: Packaging Print Books

Standing out in a crowed marketplace is something that smart authors and publishers do. We have raved about it in the past, and here’s another example from the marketing folks at Publishers Group Canada, when they shipped an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of the latest Ann Cleeves thriller. Check out this previous post about Attention Market Packaging on a Peter

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