Kobo Writing Life will be at the 37th Annual RWA Conference July 26th through July 29th.

KWL Director Mark Lefebvre will be at RWA meeting with authors and industry folks (and doing his best not to sweat on everyone).

On Friday July 28th, Mark is hosting public office hours in Oceanic from 8:00 AM until 10:30 AM where authors can drop in and talk/chat or ask questions.

At 11 AM on the same day, in Northern Hemispheres Salon E3, Mark will be doing a SPOTLIGHT ON KOBO presentation at 11 AM in Northern Hemispheres Salon E3. In the presentation he will share the latest news, strategies and tips to help romance authors grow their global sales at Kobo, including reports on sales trends, new developments and forthcoming releases and beta programs for Kobo Writing Life.

Similar to what took place in May of 2017 at RT Booklovers Convention,throughout the conference, Mark will also be broadcasting live Facebook video chats with authors and industry folks.

Still images from the RT Booklovers Interviews from May 2017

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