KWL was recently in Atlanta, Georgia attending RT Booklovers Convention. Considered the Book Lover Event of the year, RT (Romantic Times) Booklovers brings more than 3,500 fans and between 600 to 800 authors together for a celebration of romance novels.

Mark Lefebvre, Director of Kobo Writing Life, was on site interviewing authors and industry folks about various topics on writing, reading and promotions. The RT Booklovers interviews have been broken into more than one episode. In Part 1, we share Mark’s chats with:

Helen Hardt

  • Her latest novel, Surrender; her penchant for ending her series books with cliffhangers and the direct relation with her pre-order success; A teaser regarding her forthcoming MISADVENTURES series; some advice for beginning writers
  • Watch the Facebook Video


Jeff Adams & Will Knauss


Julia Kent

Chloe from Written Word Media

Dan from Draft2Digital


Links of Interest

Helen Hardt’s Website

Waterhouse Press (Helen’s Publisher)

Jeff Adams Writes

Dreamspinner Press (Jeff’s Publisher)

Will Knauss Website

Jeff & Will’s Big Gay Fiction Podcast

Julia Kent’s Website

Meli Raine’s Website

Written Word Media




KWL Podcast Episode 82 – RT Booklovers Convention Part 2


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