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5 Habits of the World’s Most Successful Writers

by Justin Osborn Every writer dreams about the moment when their work hits the bestseller list. We wish for the perseverance and inspiration to churn out thousands of words each day, which will amount to more than a single bestseller. We fantasize about signing our books for thousands of adoring fans. Why is this a dream? Because it takes certain

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Five things I learned at a professional writers workshop

By Barbara G. Tarn As an introvert, marketing one’s own work is a huge challenge. Free advertising seems like a great way to get your name out. But how to do that? One way is by publishing a story with a professional magazine. Easier said than done, but better to try than admit defeat before the fight! I’ve sent out

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Find your next read and promote your books with Helloreads

How do you decide what you’re reading next? Checking various book lists? Asking friends? Browsing endlessly through the bottomless internet? Helloreads has built one platform to combine all of the above. The platform is sleek, easy to use, and doesn’t waste your precious time, because let’s face it, you’d rather be reading. Use Helloreads to easily track what you’re reading,

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Happy International Podcast Day!

by Christine Munroe September 30 is International Podcast Day, and we’re excited to join this “international celebration of the power of podcasts.” You can spread the word, too, by sharing the hashtag #internationalpodcastday and doing any (or all!) of these things: The Kobo Writing Life podcast launched in July 2013, and we’ve released 93 episodes since then. It’s been a

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6 Social Media Tips Just for Authors

By Frances Caballo You’ve self-published your book, celebrated your launch, and sold books to most of your friends, family members and colleagues. Now, you’re even blogging. But you may be wondering, “What can I do to reach even more readers?” Reaching out to the press, contacting book clubs, and reading at bookstores are great ways to promote your book offline. To

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