In the past month, the Kobo Writing Life team has migrated our author care email system over to a new one (ZenDesk) in a move that has allowed us to respond more quickly to queries and emails.

In the process, we have collected many of the FAQ and User Guide documents that appear within the Kobo Writing Life Dashboard under the HELP section, along with many of the useful tips and articles that appear here at www.kobowritinglife.com and they are all now in one handy location:

KWL Help & Community

On that page you’ll find handy links to KWL Tech Tips, How-To Guides and an FAQ

There is a handy SEARCH option at the top of the page that will lead you to any related content that matches your search.

If you are unable to find the answer to your particular question or concern, you can also submit a request directly from that page using a handy web-form, which will send your request directly to writinglife@kobo.com


As part of the same area, there is also a Community forum to allow KWL authors a space to chat with one another as well as a place where we can solicit some feedback from the author community – for example, asking you what specific improvements, updates and feature requests you would like to see.

We have always admired authors who assist fellow authors in their own writing and publishing journey and hope for this to be a place where authors publishing to Kobo can connect, share and help one another out. We’ll be there too, sharing our own questions and updates with the author community.

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