By Vanessa Ghosh

Pre-orders are a great way to generate excitement for your yet-unreleased books, while simultaneously securing a few early sales!

To set up a pre-order:

  1. Complete the 4 publishing steps:
  2. Select a release date that is in the future:
  3. When you select a future release date, a new green checkbox appears for pre-orders. Make sure that it has a green checkmark beside it, and then select “Publish eBook”!

Once the pre-order is set up, readers will be able to purchase your book prior to its release! The book will then automatically be added to their reading library at the release date.

Pre-order tips:

  • Upload the final file for your book when setting up your pre-order.

    However, if it is necessary to set up your pre-order prior to the final touches on your manuscript, then be sure to upload a file that has at least the first 3 chapters included. This is because all books available in our store (pre-orders included) have a preview automatically made available for the first 5% of the file. If you do upload an incomplete file for your pre-order, make sure to upload the final file at least 48 hours prior to the release date.

  • Pre-orders cannot be set to be free. While books can be made available for free in our store, this is not available when you set up your book for pre-order. Why not try to generate a few early sales as a pre-order and then mark your book as free as a promotion later?
  • Start promoting your book! This is the best time to start ramping up attention for your book!