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Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 78 – Katie Cross, From Full Time Author to Full Time Mom

Mark Lefebvre, Director of Kobo Writing Life, interviews Young Adult Fantasy and Chicklit author, Katie Cross as she shares strategies about how she was able to keep writing, with even more productivity, in her transition from full time author to full time Mom. In the chat, Katie and Mark discuss: Her lifelong passion of writing and her recent passion of

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Ebook Quality Assurance: The last 20% is the most important

by Joshua Tallent You’ve done it! You finally finished the last sentence of your book. Maybe it was the novel you wrote for NANOWRIMO (my 12-year-old daughter is still working on hers), or maybe it was the non-fiction book you wrote based on 20 years in your industry. Regardless of the topic or genre, you now face the daunting task

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The Writer’s Conference: a drink from the fire hose

by Chris Mandeville I just returned home after spending a jam-packed three days at a writer’s conference. This was the 25th or so such event I’ve attended as a writer, and as I sit here totally exhausted I’m pondering why I continue to attend these conferences despite the cost in time and energy as well as dollars. The answer is

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The Most Common Editing and Proofreading Mistakes That Writers Usually Make

By Gloria Kopp In today’s marketplace, getting your work out there is often considered more crucial than checking it for errors first. As good as it feels to be the first with a new story, though, it’s embarrassing when readers pick up on the mistakes you made in your haste to get published. Here’s the most common errors writers make when

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From $50 a day to $3,000 a day in 2 months: My top tips for self-publishing success

By Adam Croft   December 2015 seems like a lifetime ago to me now. At the beginning of that month I was earning somewhere in the region of $50 a day through my books. I was pretty happy; my books were earning money, were just about covering the bills and things were increasing — slowly but surely. On the 5th

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