#227 – Climate Smart Romances with Tara L. Roi

Author Tara L. Roí joins us on the podcast this week to discuss her career and how she combined her love of writing with her passion for fighting climate change.

Author Tara L. Roí joins us on the podcast this week to discuss her career and how she combined her love of writing and her passion for fighting climate change. Tara writes “steamy romance in a heating world”, and she talks to us about her path from writing screenplays to journalist to romance author, what her writing process looks like and how it has evolved, and how she became passionate about the fight against climate change and how it has influenced her writing. 

  • Tara tells us about her career path, from telling stories as a child to studying screenwriting, from starting her writing career as a freelance journalist to becoming an indie author, and she talks about her decision to publish independently
  • Tara explains how she became interested in climate change and why she decided to combine her two areas of passion and start writing climate smart romance novels
  • She discusses how her training in screenwriting has helped her novel writing, including learning when to start and end a scene, how to write more succinctly, and how to avoid getting bogged down in descriptions
  • Tara tells us about her writing process and how it has evolved as she’s shifted from writing screenplays to novels, and she explains why she is becoming more of a plotter as her process develops
  • She talks to us about how the pandemic has affected her creative process and how writing has become a refuge during this stressful time
  • Tara tells us what we can do as individuals to fight climate change, from voting for climate conscious politicians to reducing plastic use to being more mindful in our shopping habits
  • She explains how she utilizes Patreon and why she believes transparency is key to her success on the membership platform 

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Tara L. Roí used to write for magazines, but she finds creating steamy romance novels with quirky characters way more fun. She gets her best ideas when she’s walking or doing yoga. When not writing, Tara indulges her passions for art, music, food & family.

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