This is a friendly reminder that as the holiday season approaches the schedule for our regular content processing services will be adjusted.

Please be advised that normal content processing will be unavailable between December 19, 2016 and December 29, 2016.

To ensure all new titles and promotional pricing scheduled for this period are available on site, please deliver all assets, epubs, covers, and metadata, on or before end of day Monday, December 19.

Any on sale or price effective dates scheduled between December 19 and December 29 will be respected without delays.

Please don’t forget that you can set up pre-orders and pre-schedule your price updates in advance using your Kobo Writing Life account. As a reminder of how the new pricing tool works for scheduling your price updates in advance, please see this handy post about our new pricing control.

Here’s hoping you have plenty of great sales via Kobo during the holiday season.

The Kobo Writing Life team

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