whitefox presents “The Amulet of Sleep”


whitefox are pleased to announce UK publication of the first volume in Andrea Atzori‘s fantasy YA series: The Amulet of Sleep     The Amulet of Sleep is the opening book in the Iskìda of the Land of Nurak trilogy, a series of epic fantasy novels for YA readers. Already award-winning in Italy, Andrea Atzori’s home country, the books look set to join the booming market for genre fiction. Having found success after publishing traditionally in Italian, Atzori turned his sights internationally.   Andrea saw the UK’s ever-increasing appetite for magical fiction as the perfect fit for his venture into independent, foreign self-publishing. Set in an elaborately constructed world rendolent of The Lord of The Rings and The Hunger Games, The Amulet of Sleep will not … [Read more...]

Ann-Marie MacDonald On Writing Aspects Of Yourself Into Your Novel


By Jenn Shenouda It’s hard to be a writer and not come across that old cliché “write what you know” at least once in your career. If you are strapped for time or looking for inspiration however, there may just be a bit of gold left to mine in that overused piece of advice. Look at it this way: your life history is already at your fingertips.  You are probably the most fleshed-out character that you’ll ever meet.  And because your research is mostly in your head, All you have to do to access it is to remember—to do a bit of snooping into your own psyche and see what’s there for the taking. Just ask, Ann-Marie MacDonald—author of the widely acclaimed new novel Adult Onset. More than a decade removed since her last novel The Way the Crow Flies, Adult Onset is just as much a … [Read more...]

Wattpad: A Powerful Tool for Book Marketing


By Linda Poitevin If you’re a writer and you haven’t yet heard of Wattpad (or you’ve heard of it but dismissed it), you’re not alone...and you may be missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. What is this weirdly named Wattpad? Essentially it’s a social media platform for readers and writers. Based in Toronto, Canada, it began in 2009 and currently has 35 million users spanning the globe. Writers share their stories for free, and readers can vote for those stories and/or leave comments and feedback. The platform is hugely popular with the young adult and fanfic crowd, but its reach is growing rapidly, and such heavyweights as Margaret Atwood and bestsellers Scott Westerfeld, Julie Kenner, Colleen Hoover and others are now offering their works there. Sounds like a pretty … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Self-Publishing Consultant


By M.A. Demers When I wrote my novel, Baby Jane, like so many indie authors I rushed to publish. It seemed so simple, the press was good, and the self-publishing gurus were stressing the ease and freedom of going it alone. I got my novel out first as an ebook and then I published in print. Within days I received my first five-star review from a stranger and thought all was going rather well. I felt vindicated in my decision to self-publish. And then the problems started. Without going into detail, suffice it to say these problems cost me time, money, and a great deal of stress. Some of the problems were my own fault for not having done my homework, some were the result of listening to well-intentioned but misinformed fellow authors I connected with on the forums, and some were the … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Book Series (Part 2 – Troubleshooting)


By Julianne MacLean Continued from 7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Book Series (Part 1) In the previous post, I listed the 7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Book Series. And, as I concluded, as an independent author, there are no rules or limits around what you can do with a series. But sometimes you are not always in full control and things don't always work according to plan. For that reason, I thought it would be good to look at how you can troubleshoot issues that I have had to deal with. What if your series was left unfinished by a traditional publisher? Should you continue it independently? There are a few different schools of thought on this. Some authors believe it’s too difficult to effectively manage a series when half the books are controlled by a publisher. … [Read more...]

How To Kickstart Your Sales


By David Gaughran The sales of every book decay with time, but the great thing about self-publishing is that a book won’t get yanked from the shelves if its numbers drop, and it won’t be forgotten about by the publisher. It has an infinite number of lives because its fate is being controlled by the person who cares about it most in the world: you. All self-publishers experience a dip in sales and it’s often really tricky to get things going in the first place. Sometimes you launch your book and get a quick burst from those who know you, and then sales just die. I know what it’s like. We’ve all been there. Most self-publishers start from zero as a complete unknown, like I did, so don’t panic. Building an audience is doable. You haven’t started too late. If anything, the tools … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Making the Most of Your Book Series (Part 1)

publicity shot-JulianneMacLean

By Julianne MacLean Back in 1999 when I sold my first book to Harlequin, very few historical romance authors were writing novels as part of a series. Each contract I signed was a one-book deal, but I soon discovered that building a devoted readership with one standalone book every twelve months was a steep uphill climb. Later, when I moved to Avon, the success of romance authors like Jo Beverley, Julia Quinn and Stephanie Laurens had made it clear that readers love returning to the same characters and story worlds—even in historical romance—and they also love to anticipate the next installment in a continuing series. Lesson learned: If you want to grow your readership, you have to not only hook them in, but keep them coming back for more. A strong, connected series helps you … [Read more...]


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