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Maim Your Characters: The Structure of an Injury Plot

[The following is an excerpt from the book Maim Your Characters by Samantha Keel] which originally appeared on ScriptMedic: A Medical Consultant for Writers]   An injury plot works on one very simple three-part platform: A character gets hurt. (The Beginning) That character gets treatment and begins to feel better, but must navigate the world in a state of partial

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The Long and Short (but mostly long) of Writing Short Stories

By Chris Mandeville Many writers begin their careers with short stories—they’re easier to tackle and faster to complete. But not me. I dove into novel writing right out of the gate, so I’m a late-comer to the short story. Recently I had the opportunity to submit a story to an anthology that benefits the scholarship fund of a writer’s conference

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Writing an Author Bio

By Alicia Honeycutt If you want to make a good impression on readers, you need to give them high-quality contents and also prove that you are a reliable author. More than 90% of contemporary business followers want to see opinions from industry thought leaders. That’s what makes a successful bio one of the crucial elements of the author’s credibility. There

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