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Creating an effective cover, indie author bestsellers and the evolution of romance writing

A quick round up of publishing news!

Over on The Creative Penn blog, graphic designer AD Starrling explains how to create the most effective cover possible.

How To Use Your Book Cover To Sell Books

Your book cover design is an essential part of your book marketing strategy. Today author and graphic designer AD Starrling discusses how to make the most of the cover design you’ve worked so hard to get right. I can’t recall where exactly I first read this eye-opening line but I now live by this motto as both a writer and a designer.

Jane Ryan writes about the various pitfalls and scams that are all too easy for aspiring authors to fall into.

Caveat scriptor: an aspiring writer and their money are easily parted

Everyone has a book in them. You’ve heard that before, but does everyone have an editor in them? I wrote my first book in the corners and edges of my life, like everyone else I had other priorities, family, job and any amount of piled up ironing.

Ojibway writer Maggie Blackbird discusses the evolution of the romance landscape and the increased opportunities available for diverse voices within the genre.

Breaking the formula: Writer Maggie Blackbird sees growing diversity in romance novels | CBC Radio

Romance literature is a popular genre, but there still aren’t many Indigenous writers working in the genre. Ojibway writer Maggie Blackbird has always been a fan of romance novels, and recently wrote her first novel, Blessed. “I first read [a romance novel] when my older sister gave me her copy of Paradise Wild by Johanna Lindsey,” said Blackbird.

Along the same lines, this is a short but compelling read on the wider importance of romance novels within the publishing world.

The Business of the Romance Novel | JSTOR Daily

Although audiences have enjoyed reading about love since the moment the written word could record it-the oldest recorded love poem was found chiselled on a 4,000 year old Ancient Sumerian clay tablet -the romance genre has a decided lack of cultural clout. According to scholar Ann M.

Anyone still writing their novels by hand? Ethel Rowan explains why this helps her connect with the writing process, and how she uses automatic writing to keep the ideas flowing.

What It’s Like To Write Your Second Novel Entirely By Hand, According To Ethel Rohan

Ethel Rohan’s first novel, The Weight of Him, which came out in 2017, is one I haven’t been able to forget. I’ve eagerly kept an eye out for news of her next novel, but as it turns out, I may have to wait a bit longer. Rohan’s second novel is on the…


Shout out to the following KWL authors, who have been featured in this week’s bestsellers lists!

Boyfriend for Hire by Kendall Ryan, Wall Street Journal #9; USA Today #19

Forever Notorious: Forever Bluegrass by Kathleen Brooks; Wall Street Journal #9; USA Today #27

#32 USA Today Dead Memories by Angela Marsons

#89 Susan Gable, A Family to Keep

#92 Penelope Ward, When August Ends

#98 Best Laid Plans by Lauren Blakely

#112 Jagged Ink Carrie Ann Ryan

#124 Misadventures of a Curvy Girl Sierra Simone

#128 The Wrong Gentleman Louise Bay

#141. Finding Grace KL Slater

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