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Insider Radio Secrets: Part 2 – Music Choices

By Scott Overton In spite of the advent of television, then music videos, all-music video channels, satellite radio, iPods, and the internet, old-fashioned free-off-the-airwaves radio broadcasting is still alive and well. Most of us probably spend part of each day with a favourite radio station, especially when we’re in the car, but there are a lot of things we think

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Insider Radio Secrets: Part 1 – Human Intervention

By Scott Overton The aspiring writer is always told, “write what you know.” Good advice because the research is already in your head, and because, along with a good story, readers enjoy gaining some insight into occupations and lifestyles different from their own. So when I wrote my first novel, the mystery/thriller Dead Air that’s what I did. I’ve been

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Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 024 with Kathy Reichs

This podcast includes the full and unabridged audio of the Kobo in Conversation interview with Kathy Reichs conducted by Bob Ramsay and hosted by Kobo’s Senior Director of Communications Tracy Nesdoly. The interview covers the following: The “Big Bang Break” that happens in an investigation – that one moment when realization explodes and the search hurdles forward on the right trajectory. The

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