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The Essential Proofreading Toolkit for Creative Writers


by Gloria Kopp When writing creatively, it is important that the words flow well. But it is equally important that the words are correct. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are important parts of any written piece. You might find that if yours aren’t up to scratch, many readers or potential agents will switch off to your writing. Imagine your frustration. Your

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The Most Common Editing and Proofreading Mistakes That Writers Usually Make


By Gloria Kopp In today’s marketplace, getting your work out there is often considered more crucial than checking it for errors first. As good as it feels to be the first with a new story, though, it’s embarrassing when readers pick up on the mistakes you made in your haste to get published. Here’s the most common errors writers make when

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The Power of Editing: How the Right Editor Helped One Author Find Her Voice, and Publish Her Book


By Natasa Lekic, NY Book Editors Advice columnist K.T. Edwards started working on her first book in 2011. She wanted to write about her own experiences being unlucky in love. While she was comfortable writing about dating, she was less comfortable writing about herself. By working with a professional editor she was able to overcome that hurdle, and turn her

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The Hat-trick: Tools for Revision


by Chris Mandeville Knife, scissors, chisel, scalpel, jackhammer—I bet you were expecting a plethora of these types of implements in a post about “tools for revision.” After all, revision is all about cutting, honing, tearing apart and re-crafting your words, right? Well, not exactly. Though we often use the terms “editing” and “revising” interchangeably, there is a difference. Editing is

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