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TCK Publishing Podcast Interview with Kobo Writing Life’s Mark Lefebvre

Tom Corson-Knowles, Founder of TCK Publishing, recently interviewed KWL Director Mark Lefebvre on the TCK Publishing Podcast. In the interview, Tom and Mark discuss a wide range of topics. They talk about traditional publishing and self-publishing and the true value of both. They discuss emerging global markets for eBooks and how to take advantage of them, plus the difference between

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What I Do: Alex Adsett on the Ins and Outs of Working as a Literary Agent

by Malcolm Neil For most of us, working as a literary agent seems like a dream. Reading books for a living, hobnobbing with incredible creators from all over the world, helping deserving authors succeed—it all sounds kind of perfect. And truth is, it can be quite dreamy. Of course, there’s more to it than just hanging out with authors and

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Rakuten Kobo Keeps Sainsbury’s eBook Customers Reading Digitally

Rakuten Kobo, a global digital reading company created by booklovers for booklovers, is working with Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand (part of Sainsbury’s, one of the UK’s leading food and non-food retailers), to offer Sainsbury’s customers the opportunity to transfer their eBook libraries to Kobo’s eReading service as Sainsbury’s exits the digital entertainment business. Both companies will ensure Sainsbury’s customers have

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Kobo Brings eReading Service to Taiwan, and Traditional Chinese Titles to the World

Taiwan’s booklovers have reason to celebrate this week, as Rakuten Kobo officially launches a local eReading service. The launch marks not only the arrival in Taiwan of one of the world’s most ubiquitous eReaders, but also the addition of thousands of traditional Chinese titles to Rakuten Kobo’s 5 million title-strong global bookstore. For readers of Chinese the world over, Rakuten Kobo’s

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Rakuten Kobo Partners With Waterstones To Keep Its Customers Reading Digitally

Rakuten Kobo, a global digital reading company created for those who put books at the centre of their lives, is working closely with Waterstones, the UK’s largest book retailer, to transfer its eBook customers to the Kobo eReading service. Waterstones will stop selling eBooks on its website, and its current eBook customers will have the option to transfer their digital

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