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Deep dive into a writing retreat!

By Christina Delay Three weeks ago, 14 writers set out on a mission. The mission? Cross off as many bucket-list items as we could, create as many new memories as possible, study writing craft, write lots of words, and develop relationships with some of the top professionals in the publishing industry. Mission: Success! Cruising Writers, led by hostess Christina Delay,

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Overcome Your Writer’s Block: Key Strategies On Pushing Past Your Mental Brick Wall

Writing can be a difficult and trying task even for the most seasoned of writers. At some point or another it’s inevitable that you’ll “hit the wall” and suffer from the dreaded curse of writer’s block. However, there’s no reason that your bout with writer’s block should spell disaster because there are some strategies that can help you push past

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Q&A: Renee Knight

With her debut novel Disclaimer, earning comparisons to both Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, Renee Knight’s writing career is off to a promising start. Of course, crafting a compelling narrative is nothing new for the former BBC documentarian. The rising star where she discusses her writing process, the inspiration for Disclaimer, and what she does in her free time to

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