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I just wanted to write with compliments – I’ve just re-published three of my backlist through Kobo as an indie author, and your system was by far and away the easiest to use, most logical, and most seamless of all the platforms I’ve used. Congrats on such a fantastic system. I’m so impressed I’m putting together an exclusive box set for Kobo, because I know the process of publishing it will be so painless!

Charlotte Nash

Self-publishing has changed my life in every conceivable way. KWL is an outstanding platform, thanks to the ease of uploading and the advanced sales data broken out into an easy-to-understand map that I love.

Marie Force

I sell in so many more countries via KWL than anywhere else—64 countries so far! No other platform even comes close, and that kind of worldwide coverage is priceless.

KWL is the easiest platform to upload to, hands down, and there’s always help if you need it. Authors have no excuse for not going direct with KWL!

Lauren Royal

#309 – Writing a Legal Thriller with Alexandra Shapiro Kobo Writing Life Podcast

In this episode, we chatted with Alexandra Shapiro, criminal defense lawyer and debut author as of 2021. We asked Alexandra about working with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, how her career as a lawyer helped her creative writing, why so many lawyers are also amazing authors, legal thriller and sci-fi crossovers, and much more. We had a great conversation with Alexandra – if you are interested in writing a legal thriller, learning more about how to write legal dramas effectively and accurately, or in need of some great writing advice and encouragement in general, don’t miss this episode. Alexanda’s legal thriller, Presumed Guilty, is available now! For more information on Alexandra’s debut novel, visit her website or follow Alexandra on Instagram and Twitter.
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