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No matter what your Grandma may have told you, books are inevitably judged by their covers. Having spent the last 5 years assembling an all-star team of award-winning book cover designers and formatting experts, Damonza  is perfectly placed to make the first impression of your book – its cover – the best it can possibly be.

Over the journey our knowledge and expertise has assisted thousands of authors in turning their publishing dreams into reality. With over 30 years of combined experience in the designing and advertising industries, our designers have a happy knack of turning abstract concepts into powerful and beautiful imagery. Within 14 days of placing your order you’ll be provided with at least two eBook cover design drafts from which to choose, and once any alterations have been finalised the design will be delivered in a print-ready version or a high-res JPEG, primed for upload. You’ll also be furnished with a rendered 3D version of the cover that you can use for marketing purposes, should you need it.

What’s more, a Damonza cover comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with any of the first drafts, and they can’t get it right,  you don’t pay a single penny. There was an urge to offer a free knife set as well but they held themselves back.

Everyone likes an underdog story. Show me a person who doesn’t love Cool Runnings and I’ll show you a liar. But while comparisons to Jamaican bobsled teams may be tenuous, Damonza did start out similarly modest and unassuming. Founded by Damon Freeman in 2012 as nothing more than a side project, Damonza has since grown into a trailblazer in book cover design and formatting. Having built an incredibly talented and passionate team, Damonza has produced thousands of book covers for a multitude of authors since its foundation, including many New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

At Damonza, cover design is more than just their job; it’s what gets them out of bed in the morning. To them there’s no better feeling than turning an author’s dream into reality. They love what they do, and you’re sure to love it too.

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