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2016 Kobo Holiday Processing Schedule

This is a friendly reminder that as the holiday season approaches the schedule for our regular content processing services will be adjusted. Please be advised that normal content processing will be unavailable between December 19, 2016 and December 29, 2016. To ensure all new titles and promotional pricing scheduled for this period are available on site, please deliver all assets,

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Ebook Quality Assurance: The last 20% is the most important


by Joshua Tallent You’ve done it! You finally finished the last sentence of your book. Maybe it was the novel you wrote for NANOWRIMO (my 12-year-old daughter is still working on hers), or maybe it was the non-fiction book you wrote based on 20 years in your industry. Regardless of the topic or genre, you now face the daunting task

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The Essential Proofreading Toolkit for Creative Writers


by Gloria Kopp When writing creatively, it is important that the words flow well. But it is equally important that the words are correct. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are important parts of any written piece. You might find that if yours aren’t up to scratch, many readers or potential agents will switch off to your writing. Imagine your frustration. Your

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Rakuten Kobo and FNAC Partner To Lead The Digital Book Industry in Spain


Rakuten Kobo, leading innovator in eBooks and digital reading, today announced it has partnered with Fnac, beloved retailer of cultural, entertainment and technology products, to bring Kobo’s world-class eReading platform and devices to Spanish readers. Customers now have access to the Kobo by Fnac service at and in-store at Fnac locations, where they can learn more about Kobo through

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Take a Hike! A Writing Tool. Really.


by Chris Mandeville Any hikers out there in writer-land? Or writers who love to go for walks? Well, hiking-slash-walking isn’t just for pleasure-slash-exercise. It can actually be a valuable writing tool. Just ask Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of more than 142 published works, most of which were written while hiking. Yes, while. He regularly plots, plans,

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