About Kobo Plus



Kobo Plus (in parternship with BOL.com) is a subscription service with a difference.

Everybody wins: authors, publishers, retailers. And most important . . . Readers


The first thing authors should know is that there is NO EXCLUSIVITY REQUIRED to opt in to Kobo Plus.
It is an additional option for you to earn revenue from a unique market segment in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Developed in close collaboration with leading Dutch publishers, the Kobo Plus subscription service operates on a fair-share model, with payouts funded by subscription revenues, which enables a self-sustaining service built for the long-term—encouraging publishers to offer a wide selection of books from all genres.

“Kobo Plus allows readers to effortlessly discover new authors and try out new genres that they might not otherwise try, encouraging people to read more,” says Pieter Swinkels, Executive Vice-President, Rakuten Kobo.


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Please note that if you opt a title in to Kobo Plus that you can’t opt that title out for 6 months 3 months. This is because at Kobo Writing Life we treat authors as professional publishers and assume that, like traditional publishers, when you publish a book it will still be available for at least 3 months. (Therefore, if you continue to flirt with the exclusivity demands of that “river” retailer then perhaps Kobo Plus isn’t the right thing for you)

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