About Kobo Writing Life

Do you have a story to tell? Are you an author with a bestseller just waiting to be discovered? Want to reach out to millions of readers in over 190 countries? Do you own the digital rights to your work?

Then have we got the tool for you. Kobo Writing Life is the one-stop, do-it-yourself publishing portal.

This online community hosts articles about both the craft and business of writing.


  • Hi, guys, does the fact that I’m carried through Kobo from my Smashwords publication count for entering the contest? I’m really interested in learning more about Kobo.

    • Hi Ronald, and thanks for the great question! Sorry for the delay in reply; this question actually sparked off a rather lively debate here. The conclusion is that although we’re all about being open and having absolutely no exclusivity clauses for our KWL authors, the contests we host are designed to promote KWL membership. To enter, you really should sign up for KWL yourself, especially considering that it’s totally free, and easy to exclude Kobo from your Smashwords account if that’s what you decide to do.

      Plus, you really should sign up for KWL anyway, contests aside. We’re just that awesome.

  • Just a suggestion – it might be handy to have a “follow by email” widget on your sidebar for people without blogs.

  • Thanks, Linda – It’s over on the side bar (below KOBO LINKS and above SEARCH THIS WEBSITE)

  • I wish to sign up. My intention is to be a member of kobo right away and submit my manuscript, a true life personal love life experience spiced with a little fiction and random thoughts. It’s titled “ULTERIOR MOTIVES”. How do I go about it?

  • I have written several emails to writing for life about a situation and have received no response at all. How do I actually get in touch with someone at writing for life.

  • Gbenga Ezekiel Oladosu

    When is my royalties and payments details is it going to be report to me? Since over 11 months that I have self-published my eBooks.

  • Hi, I have sent several emails to that address and have not received a reply. I tried to publish an e-book last week and it is still not published. If I have done something wrong/incomplete I’d like to rectify it immediately. Could someone please reply to help me out. Thank you.

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