Here at KWL, we have the pleasure of working with dozens and dozens of genre writers, writing hundreds of titles in the areas of romance, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, horror, and so much more.

A genre writer, for those new to the world of self-publishing (and publishing in general) is an author who sticks to one genre for most, if not all, of their writing career. That genre can be broad – writing all sorts of romance, for example – or become very specific; maybe you only write romantic suspense involving undercover spies, or contemporary fantasy starring witches and wizards living in a major city. The options, and specifics therein, are endless!

If you are a genre writer, or are thinking of diving into a new genre, read on to learn more about genre writing. We’ve compiled previous blog posts, podcast episodes, and more for you to learn more about the art of writing in a particular genre. Be sure to make note of the marketing tips, too, and listen in to some great podcast interviews on pivoted from one genre to another.

On miscategorising your genre title: “The first, and most important reason, is that incorrectly categorizing your novel means that your title is being diverted from your target readership. Many readers, particularly lovers of mystery, horror, and romance, know their preferred sub-genres and their literary tastes are specific. When your novel is not placed in the right category, not only are you missing the mark with your target readership, you are also increasing the likelihood that the wrong group of readers will purchase your title and not enjoy it.”

Nalini Singh on writing for two genres:

KWL – 258 – Writing New Genres with Nalini Singh

On selling more in your genre: “How can you ensure your book’s originality, while also making it similar enough to others in its genre for it to be compatible with your target readership? Your story can be unique and compelling without being genre-defying. There is a perfect balance between originality and writing content that readers want to consume, based on information gleaned from the book market.”

Reflections: The Inner World of a Multi-Genre Author

K. A. Tucker on pivoted from romance writing to fantasy writing:

KWL – 270 – From Romance to Fantasy with K.A. Tucker

On being a multi-genre author: “As a storyteller, I follow one rule: there are no rules. Write from the heart, your brain will thank you later. I don’t ponder on a piece for too long. If it feels right to me, I hope that the reader will feel the same. For myself, there’s no time to waste. Get it written, get it out, get it marketed and start over with a whole new set of ideas and characters.”

Jackie Lau on diversity in romance writing:

Podcast Ep 156 ⁠— Diversity in Romance with Jackie Lau

What genre(s) do you write in? Have you ever written in another genre before? Share your experiences with the KWL community below – and, as always, happy writing!

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