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Hey writers! We wanted to refresh your memories (or, if you’re new here, introduce you to) regarding our list of partnerships with various author services, ranging from editorial to design-oriented. KWL authors can access discounts on these services by clicking on the KWL affiliate links, entering a code, or mentioning to the service providers that you are a KWL author when signing up.

Read on for an overview of these author services, with direct links to the associated discounts!


The Three Story Method Editing Agency – “The Certified Three Story Method Editors at Three Story Method Editing Agency have all been trained and vetted by author and entrepreneur, J. Thorn, and can provide community, coaching, and editorial services for any stage of the writing journey you are on.”

Check out their site and let them know you are a KWL offer to receive a 10% discount on editing services.

Language+ Literary Translations – Have your book translated to or from English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and/or Portuguese with the help of translators available through this service.

Use this link to receive 10% off translation services.

Reedsy Translations – Our partnership with Reedsy also offers a $20 credit to use on any of their services, including translations, when you sign up here.

Reedsy Editorial – Likewise, Reedsy offers editorial services! Sign up here to receive that $20 credit for KWL authors.


Reedsy Marketing – Reedsy also offers marketing services! Again, sign up here to get that $20 credit, which can be applied to their marketing services and more.

Book Brush – “Book Brush offers handy tools to help authors create their own professional looking ads, all things social media and book covers, too.”

Use the code KOBO15 to save 15% off of any paid plan from Book Brush. Their services include making advertisement, social media posts, book covers and even box set mock-ups. Book Brush is an amazing tool for authors who want professional-looking promotional images without utilizing programs such as Photoshop.

Booklife & Publisher’s Weekly Select – KWL has been partnered with Booklife and Publisher’s Weekly Select since 2018.

“BookLife offers Kobo Writing Life authors a specially priced marketing program called PW Select which puts your book in front of Publishers Weekly’s audience of booksellers, librarians, agents, publishers and Hollywood scouts.The cost for submission is USD $129 per title submitted (a savings of $20 USD off the regular price of $149 USD).”

Use promo code KOBO7 when signing up to receive that $20 USD off the submission price. And, of course, please note this isn’t a pay-per-review service: Publisher’s Weekly Select chooses books to review based on their own selection process. This service provides the opportunity to be reviewed, but also guarantees the following:

Promotion on:

– the home page of PublishersWeekly.com

– the home page of BookLife.com

– BookLife’s weekly email newsletter to 24,000 recipients

– BookLife’s Twitter and Facebook channels

Plus you will receive:

– a six month digital subscription to Publishers Weekly

– a one year digital subscription to Publishers Weekly’s PW Select monthly supplement

– a free copy of the Publishers Weekly print issue in which your listing appears

For more information, check out their site!

Cover Design:

Damonza – “Having spent the last 5 years assembling an all-star team of award-winning book cover designers and formatting experts, Damonza are perfectly placed to make the first impression of your book – its cover – the best it can possibly be.”

KWL authors can use the code KWL10 to get 10% of the amazing cover design services at Damonza.

Book Brush – Book Brush can help you create amazing covers, too! Again, use the code KOBO15 to save 15% off of any paid plan from Book Brush.

ISBNs (USA only):

Bowker – Our partnership with Bowker, the official U.S. ISBN Agency, means that KWL authors based in the United States can receive $25 USD off the purchase of a single ISBN. Grab that offer here.

ISBNs are a great way to make your book more marketable, discoverable, and helps make any potential print copies you may publish easier to sell.  

We at KWL are proud to work with these companies to provide our authors with access to discounted services and welcome any inquiries about said services at writinglife@kobo.com. Happy writing (and editing, and cover designing, and advertising…)!

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