If you’re as energized by the fall weather in the northern hemisphere as I am or are feeling the spring-cleaning itch in the southern hemisphere, then you’re probably ahead of the curve. You might have already re-organized your desk, invested in new writing tools and dusted from floor to ceiling. But if you haven’t, don’t sweat it – it’s a busy time of year. The emergence of new daily schedules, more commitments, and the shift in the weather can be overwhelming! So we at the KWL team have put together a simple checklist you can utilize when it comes to tidying up your writing desk.

Later this week, we’ll be highlighting how you can care for yourself as an author. Part of that care can be reorganizing, clearing out those desk drawers, tossing old notebooks, refilling empty pens, and otherwise taking time to tidy up your space. Tidying can do wonders for your mental state and can be a cathartic part of your day if you are feeling overwhelmed by your current manuscript or an upcoming deadline. Having a refreshed and recently cleaned space can clear your head and help you focus more on writing, editing, or organizing your next book launch.

From me to you, here is a writing desk checklist that you can utilize to help refresh your writing desk! If you don’t write from a desk, try applying these tips to wherever you write – tidy up your desktop, reorganize your bag, whatever works for you.

Check out some inspiring examples of desk set-ups below!

Writing Desk Refresh Checklist

  1. Wipe down your desk (yes, including the drawers)
  2. Dust your décor
  3. Clean your laptop or computer screen
  4. Toss or refill empty pens
  5. Shred, recycle, or archive and store old notebooks
  6. Empty your desk drawer and reorganize it
  7. Refresh the books on your desk
  8. Replace old agendas and calendars
  9. Implement upright storage for writing utensils
  10. Update old or implement new writing programs
  11. Delete or archive old digital files
  12. Untangle and clasp your cables
  13. Toss or replace old cables
  14. Swap out your decorations for something more seasonal
  15. Water and mist your plant friends (if you have any)
  16. Tidy up your background (Zoom calls aren’t over just yet)
  17. Buy a new set of sticky notes or tear-away notepads
  18. Refresh your snack stash (if you have one)
  19. Adjust and test your desk chair
  20. Snap a pic and share your beautiful desk with the world

There are plenty of books on cleaning and organizing out there – don’t forget to access these amazing resources, many of which are available right on Kobo. Plus, look to Kobo Writing Life and Kobo’s Instagram accounts for desk set-up inspiration – both accounts regularly share beautiful images of the writing and reading spaces of others. And, as always, happy writing – and reorganizing!

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