Boxed sets are a sure-fire way to increase your sales year-round. What’s better than getting an entire series, with no worries about where the next instalment is coming from? Readers often choose to grab an entire collection at once, especially if it comes to them at a great price.

Likewise, opting to include your boxed sets on Kobo Plus can help your revenue increase. The more there is to read, the more time your readers will spend invested in it, which is a win-win situation for author and reader alike.

And here are some of the best tips, tricks, and words of advice from those previous posts:

On covers: “Let’s face it, people judge books by their covers. It’s also the first thing the Kobo Merchandising Team look at when they’re trying to decide which books should be included in promotions. It’s really important to have an eye-catching cover that captures the theme of your book.” – Tara Cremin

On multi-author box sets: “Try to include Book 1 in the boxset if possible, with links to the other books in your series at the end of your novel. Make sure that the group agrees as a whole on what can be included as backmatter for the boxset before it’s compiled. Do you include an About the Author page? Also By page? Excerpt from another novel? All of that should be consistent for each author so everyone feels like they’re being treated fairly.” – Erin Wright

On marketing: “Contact advertisers at least 2 months before launch day. Usually book promoters require live links to selling venues in order to schedule promo slots; however, site owners are now used to being asked to hold a spot for multi-author bundles. Choose your advertisers wisely. The effectiveness of book promotion sites fluctuates, so act on the best information you can find regarding which promoters offer the best return on investment.” – Donna Fasano

On pricing your box set: “Readers are willing to pay serious money for eBooks if they see something they want at a good value. […] I suspect indie authors who price super-low may be leaving money on the table. I’ve never believed it’s a good idea to price eBooks too low. I think that to a real extent, higher prices send a message of quality, and this boxed set experience certainly hasn’t changed my mind about that—if anything, it’s reinforced that opinion.” – Lauren Royal

We hope these words from other authors (and KWL’s own Tara Cremin) will offer some help when it comes to the business of boxed sets.

Do you have box set bundling advice? Any box set marketing tips and tricks? Go ahead and share your experiences with the KWL community!

Lastly, if you don’t have access to our promotions tab yet, now is the time to get it! Contact us to request the promo tab. We regularly feature box set sales that can help you boost sales and find an avid following for your other serialized works. For more info, check out this handy promotions guide. And, as always, happy writing!

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