Hi, my name is Carla King, and my focus is on adventures in travel, writing, and publishing, all of which I’ve been doing professionally since way back in 1994. And thanks much, Kobo Writing Life, for letting me take over their Facebook page on Wednesday, August 11th, 2021.

Writing about my bicycle travels got me into publishing. Nobody wanted to publish my guidebook to cycling the French Riviera—all the agents and publishers said it was good, but it was too narrowly focused. So I published it myself and was so pleased with the result that I did it again and again and again.

Most of my stories, journalism, blogs, and books are about my solo motorcycle travels around the world. I was a woman traveling solo when it wasn’t so common, and traveling solo on bicycles and motorcycles. And I was also early on the internet, which is where I found a global audience.

All that early experience with blogging, travel journalism, and self-publishing led to workshops, courses, and speaking. Destination Published and Self-Pub Boot Camp are where I work with authors to get your writing and publishing done and out into the world. 

Writers ask me questions every day (I have a form for that!) about book marketing, book formatting, blogging, social media, story structure and themes and plot, apps and tools for writers—you name it.

Of all the lessons learned (most of them the hard way), the biggest lessons centered on learning how to connect with my readers, other authors, and influencers in the travel writing niche. Also interesting was connecting with the many various industries around my niche, especially the adventure travel and power sports companies. 

Because of these connections, I’ve enjoyed sponsorships from motorcycle brands, apparel and gear makers, and even sunglasses and beauty brands. I also get asked to speak about my travels at events from writing conferences to motorcycle shows.

Here’s the thing about writing and publishing I believe the most: Writing and publishing is most effectively done in community, in the company of other writers, other authors, and anybody who cares about the subject you’re writing about. 

If you want to finish your stories, it’s time to enlist the village. Writing a challenging task and it is so much more fun in community. Get a website and a mailing list, make social media your friend, ask for help, hang out with people you want to know in real life, and show your messy drafts to lots and lots of people. 

Sharing your writing takes courage, and remember, courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to set fear aside so it does not become a barrier to manifesting your dreams.

Let’s talk about any of that.

Carla King is an active adventure travel writer, blogger, and author. She pioneered the art of the realtime online travelogue in 1995 with her American Borders dispatches – now called blogs – sent from the saddle of a Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle she tested for the American importer. She has taught with the Wild Writing Women, the San Francisco Writers Conference, San Diego Writers Ink, the California Writers Club, the Nonfiction Writers Conference, and many other organizations. Topics include writing for the web, blogging, social media for authors, self-publishing, and travel writing. She consults with individuals in person or virtually. Wherever she is, you can find her at CarlaKing.com.

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