One thing we are always proud of at Kobo is our ability to connect authors to readers all over the world through our global storefronts. And a great way for authors to serve Kobo readers around the world is by setting custom global pricing. Not only does this offer a cleaner shopping experience for your readers (I think we can all agree $4.99 looks better than $4.67), but when you round up to the price ending in .99, that’s a few extra cents in your pocket! Plus, having custom prices is actually a prerequisite for applying for some promos so it will come in handy!

Setting custom pricing on KWL is easy to do. First, log into your dashboard, navigate to your eBook library, and select the book you want to update the prices for. You’ll automatically be taken to the “Describe Your eBook” section, but can navigate to the pricing section in the side tool bar.

Once you’re in the pricing section, you’ll see a spot where you can enter the price of your book in your default currency and you’ll see the automatically converted priced below.

Simply click into the currency you want to manually set and update the price! You’ll even be given a recommended price based on the automatic conversion.

You can go through and set custom prices for all of the available currencies or just for the territories in which you know you have readers (i.e. all English language geos).

Once you’ve updated your prices, simply click save and your new prices will show up on the store within 24 hours!

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