The Kobo Writing Life team is excited to announce our latest Live Q&A on Thursday May 27th from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EST, Damon Courtney from BookFunnel will be answering all your questions on the Kobo Writing Life Facebook and YouTube pagesIf you can’t make the takeover, feel free to comment on this post with your questions and we can ask them for you! 

This month Kobo Writing Life is joined by Damon from BookFunnel for a live Q&A. BookFunnel is a hugely popular author tool that easily delivers books directly to readers. Whether it’s a reader magnet or review copies, BookFunnel can be used to help build your author career. We’re excited to chat to Damon about their latest initiatives – adding audiobook delivery. If you have any questions for Damon, let us know.

Damon Courtney is the creator and CEO of BookFunnel, an ebook delivery service for authors and publishers. Though he would like to be a highly successful indie author, he can only lay claim to publishing a single fantasy trilogy that he does really like, despite its lack of sales. But, self-publishing three novels did lead to the creation of BookFunnel, so he’s got that going for him.

As a lifelong software engineer, Damon is an expert in just about everything technical and can offer unique insight on publishing as it relates to software and technology.

When he’s not writing code for BookFunnel, Damon is probably writing code for some other crackpot idea he has. That, or spending time with his wife and kids and polishing his SuperDad trophies. But, seeing as he’s been writing code since he was 7 years old, he plans to keep doing that for a long, long time. More and more of it as it relates to ebooks and publishing, which are his other passion now.

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