We recently put out a call for authors to share how their writing has changed over the past year, and how they’ve managed to stay creative during these unprecedented times (not to use a phrase we’re all tired of hearing, but the times are unprecedented!). This is part two of our series of answers from our wonderful KWL community (you can find part one here), filled with honest truths and fantastic advice about staying creative during challenging times.

How Have Your Writing Habits Changed Over the Past Year?

“I’ve experimented a lot with my writing process in the past six months. I wanted to optimize for efficiency, but I didn’t want my work to drop in quality. Experimenting is really helpful in determining what works and what doesn’t. In my case, I’ve tried different methods, environments and schedules in my quest for a workflow that suits me.”
Sanjiv Makkar

“I have spent many more hours writing.”
Jenna Kernan

“I’m still at home every day, but now my spouse and our two kids are here with me rather than going to work and school. So now, I don’t go anywhere–no trips to drop kids off at school or pick them up, no after-school activities. It means I’m freer to write at any point during the day. However, it also means they’re free to interrupt me at any point during the day.”
– Liza Street

What New Practices have you Implemented?

“Keeping to pen and paper. Continue to look to history for inspiration”

“I put a clipboard outside my door and I am STRONGLY encouraging the kids to fill it out with requests rather than interrupt me, if their need isn’t pressing (and, let’s be honest, it usually isn’t).”
Liza Street

“I’m letting myself slow down as needed, and I’ve also been taking this opportunity to get feedback from beta readers. That helps it feel like a collaborative experience, which is so important during these times when we need more connection with one another.”
– Sagan Morrow

“Be more persistent and get back to my next writing project!”
– Carol Tompkins

Any Advice for writers struggling with creativity during this time?

“Feeling creatively blocked makes you cranky and anxious, as though the world and all its muses are conspiring against you. Instead of giving in to a “poor me” attitude, write down all things you are grateful for. Start with the job you have that requires you to write in the first place. Expressing gratitude produces a positive energy flow. As you start to feel happiness in your heart for blessings large and small, you will instantly relax. When you feel good inside, you are open to creative energy.”
Sanjiv Makkar

“Don’t stress out about not being able to get through your writing! Whatever is keeping you from writing must be pushed aside so you can pick up where you left off! And continue creating that number one manuscript for the entire world to read!”
– Carol Tompkins

“Be kind to yourself. Focus on your goals, set REALISTIC timelines, and recognize that this is a process. It’s a journey, not a race. Trust that you have all the creativity within you—sometimes it just needs a little extra coaxing during these chaotic times.”
– Sagan Morrow

If you have any advice or stories you’d like to share, let us know here!

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