Grammar is a funny thing to celebrate, because while it’s the foundation on which all writing stands, it’s also frustrating AF. I have six years of post-secondary schooling in English and I still stumble over certain rules. But this is why copy editors exist, right? Those wonderful souls who have dedicated their professional lives to em dashes, proper comma use, clause structure, and keeping us all out of the passive voice. 

In honour of this joyous occasion, my copy of Practical Grammar and I thought it would be fun to put together a little quiz on the do’s and don’t’s of English grammar. Do you know the parts of speech? Can you identify an independent clause from a subordinate one? Are you an ace at antecedents agreement, a master of moods, a professional at predicates (ok I’ll stop)? Take our quiz to find out… and then maybe send a thank you letter to your copy editor. 

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