We here at Kobo really love to read, so every year we like to put together a fun challenge that not only encourages us to read more, but also encourages us to read outside our usual comfort zone. If you’re also looking to diversify your 2021 TBR pile, come play along and read with us! The goal is to read one book from every number on the list, and be sure to share your recommendations with us either in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #KWLReads2021!!

If you want a checklist to keep track, you can download the PDF here!

And if you need even more book recommendations, check out what Kobo read for last year’s challenge!

KWL 2021 Reading Challenge

  1. A full cast audiobook
  2. A ghost story
  3. A book that’s been adapted into a film or TV show
  4. A book set in the not so distant future
  5. A book by an LGBTQ+ author of colour
  6. A traditional British mystery
  7. A book with an animal on the cover
  8. Something from Obama’s reading list
  9. A 2020 Prize winner
  10. A book from the 2021 Canada Reads longlist
  11. A book by a neurodivergent author
  12. A book published in the year you turned 15
  13. An enemies to lovers story
  14. A book about sports/by a sports figure
  15. A book by a Black author
  16. A book where the setting is a character
  17. An audiobook with a celebrity narrator who is not the author
  18. A book by an indie author
  19. A book about technology
  20. A book about climate change
  21. A work of fiction by a trans author
  22. A book that has been translated
  23. A book recommended or featured on a podcast you love
  24. A book you bought from an independent bookstore
  25. A book with a tropical setting
  26. A book by an Indigenous author
  27. A YA Fantasy novel
  28. A nonfiction book about wildlife or nature
  29. A book about a boat or that takes place on a boat
  30. A nonfiction audiobook about a subject you know nothing about
  31. A book by an author featured on the KWL podcast
  32. A fictionalized memoir
  33. A political book
  34. A book from Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club
  35. A novel by an author who passed away in 2020
  36. An audiobook version of a play
  37. A Kobo Original
  38. A debut novel
  39. A story with an unreliable narrator
  40. A collection of poetry
  41. A book that revolves around a game
  42. The second book in a series
  43. A collection of essays
  44. A post-apocalyptic novel
  45. A true crime book
    And finally, read a book by an author from every continent:
  46. A book by a North American author
  47. A book by a South American author
  48. A book by an African author
  49. A book by an Asian author
  50. A book by an Antipodean author

Happy reading!

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