Hey writers! We are so excited to announce that it is time for the 2020 KWL Indie Cover Contest! This is an opportunity to showcase the most innovative, beautiful, and unique covers in the global KWL community. And we mean global community! We encourage authors to submit their covers in all languages. Plus, there are prizes!

So how does it work?

The cover contest will take place over three rounds.

Round One: Submissions

Submissions will be open from now until November 25. To qualify, your title must have a 2020 pub date and be published directly through KWL. We’re allowing one submission per author so make sure you pick your favourite cover!

You can submit your cover here.

Once submissions close, the KWL team will go through and select ten semi-finalists for each genre. These genres are: Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thriller, Fiction & Non-Fiction. Once the semi-finalists have been selected, it’s up to the readers to decide!

Round Two: Semi-Finals

Each genre will have one week of voting, during which you can send your fans to the blog to cast their vote! The schedule will be:

Week One (Dec 1 – 7): Romance
Week Two (Dec 8-14): Mystery/Thriller
Week Three (Dec 15-21): SFF
Week Four (Dec 22-28): Fiction & Nonfiction

The title with the most votes in each genre will move onto the finals, and then the next four covers with the highest number of votes, regardless of genre, will fill the four wildcard spots. Then it’s onto the finals!

Round Three: Finals

The finals will take place January 4-10th, and are once again decided by the readers! Whichever cover has the most votes by the end of voting will be crowned the winner of the 2020 KWL Indie Cover Contest on Monday January 11th.

The Prizes:

The two runner ups will each receive one of Kobo’s newest devices, our Kobo Nia.

The winner of the 2020 KWL Indie Cover Contest will be awarded with a Kobo device of their choice, a promo spot on our podcast, and most importantly: bragging rights.

So get your submissions in now! We’re so excited to see the beautiful covers that have been released this year and can’t wait to get the contest underway!

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