Hi everyone,

As you might already know, we recently made a change to the promo application process. Now, when you submit a title for certain promos, like our 40% off sales or our Buy More Save More sales, you no longer need to input a price. Our system will now draw from your regular prices when the sale goes live. For this process to work, you must have a localized regular price entered for all of the countries included in the promo you’re applying to.

For example, if the sale is taking place in CA and US, but you’ve only entered a default USD price, your submission will be denied and you’ll get the “can’t apply to promos at this time” error. The promo tool cannot auto-convert prices — you must have a price entered for all geos participating in the promo.

This is an easy fix, and is actually something we encourage authors to do! Setting custom prices for every geo creates a more pleasant shopping experience for potential readers; $2.99 is a much more attractive price than the automatically converted price of $2.61, and customers are just as likely to spend $2.99 as they are to spend $2.61. Why miss out on that extra profit when you don’t have to?

To add custom prices, select the eBook you want to update from your eBook library and then select “Set the price” and then “Edit Prices”.

You’ll see the price you’ve set in your default currency at the top of the price screen, with the automatically converted prices below. You can now go through and manually adjust your converted prices to something more attractive (i.e. end all prices in .99). After adjusting them, simply hit “enter” to move your new prices to the custom prices section.

Once you see all the required currencies in that custom prices section, you’ll be all set to apply to promos!

As always, if you have any questions about this process, let us know in the comments or send us an email at writinglife@kobo.com.