#204 – Creating a Successful Writing Routine with Allison Fallon

Bestselling author and writing coach Allison Fallon is on the podcast this week.

Bestselling author and writing coach Allison Fallon is on the podcast this week. As the published author of thirteen books and the founder of the writing community Find Your Voice, Alison brings her depth of knowledge to our conversation as she shares some tips and best practices for navigating the publishing industry, writing honest nonfiction, and utilizing science to successfully make writing a part of your routine.  

  • Allison tells us about her journey to becoming a published author and how she learned how to pitch nonfiction books to publishers the hard way
  • She discusses her motivations behind founding Find Your Voice, including filling a gap in information for new authors and a desire to help authors get from idea to finished product
  • Allison explains the science behind accessing your creativity and how to successfully make writing a regular part of your routine (did you know the olfactory system can play a big part in training your brain to write?)
  • Alison talks about her experience writing her nonfiction book Indestructible, how she navigated writing about real experiences and real people from her life, and what it was like narrating her own audiobook
  • She explains why writers also need to be public speakers, and gives some great advice for overcoming stage fright and performing with confidence

Useful Links
Allison’s Website
Find Your Voice
Indestructible Audiobook

Allison Fallon is a bestselling author, public speaker, and founder of Find Your Voice—an online education platform for writers who swear they aren’t “real” writers. Allison has helped thousands of people finally accomplish their goal of writing a book and taught even the most skeptical to use writing as a tool for personal growth. She’s worked with leaders of multi-national corporations, stay-at-home moms, Olympic gold medalists, recovering addicts, political figures, CEO’s and even high school and college students to help them find the exact right words to say—even when they swear they’re “not real writers.”

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