We’re pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our reach to libraries by adding the cost-per-click purchase option for OverDrive distribution! 

This gives librarians from OverDrive’s vast library partner system the choice between One-Copy/One-User model (“OCOU”) and the newly added Cost-Per-Circulation (“CPC”) model. While library distribution has been available through Kobo Writing Life since 2017, this new option will offer librarians more choice with how they buy books.

“Libraries are essential for book discovery, now more than ever” , said USA Today bestselling author Penny Reid, and we at Kobo Writing Life agree! As a KWL author, you can opt your books into libraries in the Rights and Distribution section of your book. If your books are already opted in, you won’t need to make any changes.

If you have any questions, let us know. You can read more about this exciting development here.


A screencap of the Library portion of the KWL eBook creation tool, with OverDrive toggled on, and a library price of $19.99 entered.
Opt in to library distribution easily, by entering a library price.