Romance author and marketing executive Kilby Blades joins us on the podcast this week to talk about the new, ever evolving storytelling platforms authors can access to not only publish new work, but also expand their reader base. With a background in digital marketing, Kilby shares tips and tricks of the trade, from marketing steamy romance novels to the importance of creating a unique and flexible marketing plan. 

  • Kilby tells us about her writing journey, and how her early beginnings writing fan fiction have influenced her feminist take on writing romance
  • Kilby explains how her background in marketing informed her decision to self publish, and how important an understanding marketing and promotion is for indie authors
  • She also explains why marketing erotic romance is a challenge, and how to go about promoting steamier titles
  • Kilby breaks down the ever-changing, dynamic, and unpredictable nature of marketing, and how you should adapt your marketing plan accordingly 
  • Kilby discusses alternative story-telling platforms, such as Radish, Wattpad, and Choice of Games, and the opportunities they offer authors to create new work, try different storytelling mediums, and expand their reader base
  • She gives us some predictions about the future of publishing, including the emergence of interactive storytelling and how readers who are willing to read outside of their comfort zone can influence the direction of the publishing industry

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A headshot of Kilby Blades.

Kilby Blades is a fresh new voice in smart contemporary romantic fiction. A business executive by day, by night she writes dynamic characters in to (and out of) tantalizingly complex predicaments. Critics laud her “feminist romance”, noting empowered heroines and multi-dimensional heroes who are staunch advocates for their partners, stepping back from their own spotlights in order to let their women shine. From dry wit in her angstier books, to blatant humor in her lighter ones, her characters are resplendent in their witty repartee.

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