Crime fiction writer Robert Craven chats to us about how he writes strong female characters, his formula for writing and pitching a book, and provides insight into the conference scene in the UK and Ireland. He also outlines the most common mistakes that he sees in crime fiction novels.

  • He shares details about the Bloody Scotland festival in Stirling, a conference geared specifically at crime fiction writers.
  • He tells us about how he incorporates research into his writing process
  • Robert also gives some pointers for how crime authors can avoid common pitfalls, and why he believes character-driven stories are more effective.
  • He explains how he uses social media to market.
  • And more!

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A headshot of Robert Craven.

Robert Craven was born in Manchester and now lives in Dublin, Ireland. After a journeyman period of switching and working with small and Indie presses, he decided to take control of his own work in 2017 and re-released all the novels on independent platforms.

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