Michael Anderle, best-selling indie author, gives us the scoop on the launch of his first “wide” series, Opus X. He tells us his author origin story, and talks about his focus on the business of writing and creating his own publishing company. 

Listen in for more details about Opus X and Anderle’s unique approach to marketing, as well as:

  • The epic push up contest between KWL legends Chrissy Munroe and Mark Lefebvre!
  • LMBPN Publishing company, and where it got its name
  • How Michael went from voracious reader to prolific author
  • His business strategy, and how he started with three books
  • The concept of 20 Books to 50K, and how a Facebook group led to an indie revolution!
  • Launching the 20 Books conference with Craig Martelle
  • And lots more!

Michael Anderle is a bestselling indie author, well known in the indie community for the 20 Books to 50K group! He writes a mix of paranormal, urban fantasy, military sci-fi and science fiction and has just launched his first wide series, Opus X, on Kobo.