This week on the podcast, award-winning Mexican author and academic Juan Pablo Villalobos spoke to us about his latest title, The Other Side. This project explores immigration through the lens of young refugees trying to cross the US border from Central America.

Listen in for more on:

  • The challenges of interviewing young refugees and the responsibility of telling their stories
  • Juan Pablo’s writing process; how he writes fiction and short stories for adults and teens
  • The author’s tips for addressing younger readers
  • The process of researching his latest non-fiction work


Juan Pablo Villalobos was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He’s the author of Down the Rabbit Hole, Quesadillas and I’ll Sell You a Dog. His novels have been translated into fifteen languages. He writes for several publications including Letras Libres, Gatopardo and Granta, and translates Brazilian literature into Spanish. He now lives in Barcelona.


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