We’re about a quarter through National Novel Writing Month. Spoiler alert: the Kobo team is already feeling the challenge, but we’re pushing through and having fun with it! Some of us came prepared with outlines, others started writing on the fly, and others are revising last year’s NaNo drafts. Here’s how we’re finding NaNo so far:

What is everyone working on?

Joni Di Placido, Author Engagement Coordinator

I am writing a rom-com, somewhat based on personal experience, and I am going to leave the details at that for now! I did not plan this out and decided to just wing it with the vague plot that I had in mind. Bad idea. I started strong and wrote the first couple of chapters, then started floundering. I’m doubling back now to give myself a vague outline to work with and regain the momentum that I lost!

Amy Evans, Author Engagement Intern

I’ve been dreaming up a historical fantasy, taking place in the Caribbean during the 19th century, for most of this year. It’s an epic fantasy, inspired by Afro-Caribbean legends and my Grenadian heritage. I had a general outline prepared, but since the story develops as I write, I have to periodically stop to do research. I want to create a historically accurate and informative setting, particularly when it comes to slavery, even with the mythological elements. I’m still battling the urge to edit my words and come up with perfect sentences (which of course, do not exist in a rough draft).

Wendy Reid, Senior Quality Analyst

I am writing the next part of last year’s project, a high fantasy novel with no title, but since I was on vacation at the beginning of NaNoWriMo I’m struggling a bit with catching up and not having a plan! My current approach is just to write out scenes as they come to me, then I can piece them together into something that is (hopefully!) more coherent by the end of the month. I’m super motivated by winning last year’s NaNoWriMo, so I hope to do the same this year.

Elizabeth Scott, Publisher Operations Coordinator

I’ve attempted and “lost” NaNoWriMo three years counting, but this year I’m determined to “win”. I’m writing a contemporary romance with the brother’s best friend trope (pour one out for all of my brother’s friends that I had crushes on). I had a little bit of a plan at the beginning, but my plan has now worn itself out and I’m flying by the seat of my pants everyday at lunch (and which is probably why I keep on not completing NaNoWriMo). I’ll probably try and take some time to plot out more so I have some inspiration for things to write about, but I also do like seeing where my brain goes while just writing.

Carmen Bassarab, Content Operations Manager

I am fixing up and adding to last year’s win, which is magical realism set in Toronto.  It’s got some LGBT+ elements and honestly makes me happy to write, though it’s missing a lot of scene tie ins and is definitely out of order from last year’s scramble to finish the word count.  I feel like I did my best writing at lunch in the dedicated time for it (also with a program that blocked all notifications), and late at night, eyes closed, fingers flying across the keyboard in sentences that would come together beautifully once I read them in the morning.

Where are we on word count?

Joni: 3412

Amy: 5102

Wendy: 1934

Elizabeth: 8438

How is NaNoWriMo coming along? Share your experiences with the KWL community!