National Novel Writing Month is only days away! Make sure you’re prepared for what’s coming, so you can start this challenge strong.

NaNo Checklist


  • Reschedule non-essential tasks, events, and responsibilities
  • Make sure your family, roommates, friends, etc. are aware of the challenge—the necessity for you to stay on track, and for them to give you plenty of space for concentration

Writing Plan

  • Create an outline for your novel
  • Prepare chapter summaries
  • Have your character list ready

For resources on novel planning, refer to this NaNo Prep article.

Creative Space

  • If you’re working at home: make sure your office, living room, or wherever you will be writing from is tidy and free of clutter
  • If you’re working in public: scout out your space beforehand (ex. you may have to find a coffee shop that is more quiet than usual)

Creative Atmosphere

  • Prepare your writing playlist, author podcast, whatever gets you in the zone and motivated to write
  • Light a candle, or use essential oils, do some yoga, or put cucumber slices on your eyes, whatever relaxes you and makes you feel comfortable in your creative space (if you are writing from home)


  • Make sure your readers, friends, family, your dog, your exotic fish, your mailman, EVERYONE knows what you’ve set out to accomplish
  • Post on your social media and engage with other authors of the NaNo community