Joshua Lisec take us behind the scenes on what it is like being a celebrity ghostwriter. He discusses how he became a ghostwriter, what the ghostwriting process looks like and ways in which you can start your first non-fiction title. Joshua also discusses his unique business model that sets his projects up for success.

We’re sharing something a little different on the podcast this week! Steph and Joni sat down with Joshua Lisec, who has made a career out of ghostwriting and helping authors to market and sell their books. In this episode Joshua shares insights and knowledge gained from his time in the industry!

Joshua often has to work with authors to aggregate multiple fragments and stories into a cohesive narrative. He offers tips for any writer trying to organize their ideas and recommends that authors start at the end of their book – what is it that they want readers to take away from this? He also suggests that authors consider what they want to achieve with every title – what does success look like for them?

Joshua recommends that authors don’t necessarily tell their stories in chronological order; but with a primary focus on the themes and ideas that they want their readers to take from the book.

He also advises that all authors look at the reviews for similar titles in their category, specifically at the mid-range reviews (2-4 stars). This indicates what readers are looking for; what they like, and what they’re not interested in. Those people are your future readers – so get to know them!

We were particularly interested in the process of working with clients and creating a book with them. Joshua explains how he uses language-analysis software (in addition to many, many conversations!) to mimic an author’s linguistic style and “voice”.

Listen in to the full interview to learn more about the behind-the-scenes process of creating a book with a client and the secret life of ghostwriters!

Every day Joshua Lisec help authors manifest the mission behind their voice. He is founder of The Entrepreneur’s Wordsmith LLC, Ohio’s first Certified Professional Ghostwriter, a multiple-time #1 International Bestselling Ghostwriter, a Forbes Contributor ghostwriter, a TEDx speaker, and a two-time published novelist. Since 2011, Joshua has ghostwritten forty books and has been featured in TED, TEDx, BBC Radio London, Foundr, American Express, Yahoo!, Fatherly, The Huffington Post, the Nonfiction Authors Association, and numerous other outlets. During a recent podcast, Dilbert comic creator and New York Times bestselling author of Win Bigly Scott Adams recommended Joshua to aspiring authors who need help writing and publishing a book.



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