It was brought to my attention by one of our readers that the last infographic, while possessing great content, did not represent enough female authors. This simply won’t do. As a follow up, I created an infographic to given incredible women authors the attention they deserve. Having found so many wise words, the single infographic turned into two. May these words move you to accomplish great things!

Which quotes resonate with you the most? The wisdom about writing, or the reminder to be empowered? I honestly cannot decide. I hope you enjoyed these words written and spoken over the last two centuries!

Amy is the Author Engagement Intern for KWL. She comes up with creative blog content related to the craft and business of self-publishing, book news, and more. Amy studied Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa and Publishing at Ryerson University. She has worked as a content author of literature study guides and as an online literature educator. Amy is a voracious reader and a lover of many genres. Her favourites are Historical Romance, CanLit and Fantasy.

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