When it comes to writing, people who learn this craft – both for professional or personal use – can benefit from advice. When this advice comes from notable authors, those that have produced some of the best books and stories ever written, their words are worth taking into account. On the internet, you’ll find tons of inspiring content, including quotes for writing motivation, quotes on how to improve your writing process, and many others. They exist for a reason: to help both beginners and experienced writers to improve.

Words that come from the greatest writing minds like Stephen King or Rose Tremain have the highest level of credibility. They know exactly how to write a transfixing novel that will have their fans reading late into the night and into the early morning. Writing enthusiasts from Assignment Helper have gathered the author tips of 12 famous novelists into one insightful infographic, featuring wisdom and wit from Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, and others.

These twelve quotes are not only for the benefit of motivation. In simple words, they get down to the core writing process and what makes a stellar author. Treat this as a small part of your daily learning on the craft of writing. Decades of writing experience in multiple genres and styles are contained in one infographic. We hope this offers you the perspective and inspiration that all great authors require. So, even though a comment, or in this case, a quote, can’t change the way you do your writing, hopefully it will inspire you to find your own way. Enjoy!

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