This episode starts a little differently, with an excerpt from Sarah’s audiobook, The Brothers of Brigadier Station, narrated by Myles Pollard. If you’d like to read more, you can get the eBook for only 0.99 on the Kobo store with the promo code KWLPODSTATION. This is available in all English-language stores. Happy reading!

Sarah Williams discovered romance novels at the age of 14, when she picked up her aunt’s copy of This Calder Range by Janet Dailey. After devouring it in a single day, she announced to her family that she wanted to be a writer. Her father’s advice was to go out and experience the world and use that life experience to write.

This is exactly what she did. Several countries and 4 children later, she decided when her youngest children (twin girls) were toddlers that the time was ripe to realize her writing dreams. Luck would have it that around this time, a writer’s festival was being help in the small Australian town where Sarah lived. She attended every workshop, including one on how to write a romance novel. By that evening, she had plotted out her first novel, The Brothers of Brigadier Station.

In 2016 she pitched her novel at Romance Writer’s Australia and was offered a contract. Despite the fact that indie publishing was still somewhat new in Australia, Sarah had been avidly following the work of Joanna Penn and decided she’d rather publish independently. Two years later, she has seven published titles and zero regrets.

She has published widely since the beginning and has never considered being exclusive to any platform, knowing that many of her Australian readers use Kobo. She has also started working with other romance writers to help them through the publishing process.

Following Joanna Penn’s advice, Sarah started to consider audio in 2017. Once again, she was in the right place at the right time when she happened to meet a well-know Australian actor at a charity event in her hometown. Myles Pollard is known for his role as the love interest on McLeod’s daughter, a soap opera set in Outback Australia and was perfect as the voice of Brigadier. He agreed to give audio narration a try, and they were off!

Sarah flew to Perth, where the actor lived, and she directed and project managed the recording. She was involved in every stage of the process and really loved the experience; telling us that her audiobook was the best thing she has ever done for her career.

Listen to our interview for more details, and check out Sarah’s podcast! Sarah hosts a podcast called Write With Love, in which she interviews other romance authors about writing and romance.

For more information visit www.sarahwilliamsauthor.com and follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram.           

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